Reverse H\"older Property for strong weights and general measures

Research paper by Teresa Luque, Carlos Pérez, Ezequiel Rela

Indexed on: 04 Dec '15Published on: 04 Dec '15Published in: Mathematics - Classical Analysis and ODEs


We present dimension-free reverse H\"older inequalities for strong $A^*_p$ weights, $1\le p < \infty$. We also provide a proof for the full range of local integrability of $A_1^*$ weights. The common ingredient is a multidimensional version of Riesz's "rising sun" lemma. Our results are valid for any nonnegative Radon measure with no atoms. For $p=\infty$, we also provide a reverse H\"older inequality for certain product measures. As a corollary we derive mixed $A_p^*-A_\infty^*$ weighted estimates.