Return to Golf After Lumbar Fusion.

Imported: 24 Nov '16 | Published: 24 Nov '16

Grant D GD Shifflett, Michael D MD Hellman, Phillip K PK Louie, Christopher C Mikhail, Kevin U KU Park, Frank M FM Phillips

Sports health

Abstract: Spinal fusion surgery is being increasingly performed, yet few studies have focused on return to recreational sports after lumbar fusion and none have specifically analyzed return to golf.Most golfers successfully return to sport after lumbar fusion surgery.Case series.Level 4.All patients who underwent 1- or 2-level primary lumbar fusion surgery for degenerative pathologies performed by a single surgeon between January 2008 and October 2012 and had at least 1-year follow-up were included. Patients completed a specifically designed golf survey. Surveys were mailed, given during follow-up clinic, or answered during telephone contact.A total of 353 patients met the inclusion and exclusion criteria, with 200 responses (57%) to the questionnaire producing 34 golfers. The average age of golfers was 57 years (range, 32-79 years). In 79% of golfers, preoperative back... Read More

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