Retrospective analysis of 105 cases with uterine sarcoma.

Research paper by Adnan A Yoney, Bekir B Eren, Sukran S Eskici, Adile A Salman, Mustafa M Unsal

Indexed on: 09 Apr '08Published on: 09 Apr '08Published in: Bulletin du Cancer


To evaluate the role of adjuvant therapy in survival and to identify important prognostic factors in uterine sarcoma. One hundred five patients with uterine sarcoma have been retrospectively researched to evaluate the results in this tumor group. 43.8% had leiomyosarcoma, 28.6% had endometrial stromal sarcoma and 27.6% had a malign Mullarian mixed tumor while the distribution according to the histological subgroups were found to be 42.6,16.2 and 41.2% in grade I, II and III tumors respectively. 38.1% of the patients had Radiotherapy, 18.1% had chemotherapy and 12.4% had chemoradiotherapy in addition to surgery. The distant metastases rate is 30% and the local recurrence is 16.2%. All the local recurrences and 90% of the distant metastases have occurred within the first two years. The disease free survival and overall survival rates at 3rd and 5th years are 54.46, 49.88, 54.63 and 51.09% all respectively. In our series, univariate analysis for overall survival demonstrated statistical significance for radical surgery, grade, stage, age, menopausal status and presence of RT in treatment modality, but; histology, number of mitosis, tumor size demonstrated no significance. Our data favors treatment for uterine sarcoma with radical surgery plus radiotherapy alone over 54 Gy or with chemotherapy.