Retroperitoneoscopic hand-assisted live-donor nephrectomy according to the basic principle of transplantation in donor kidney selection.

Research paper by Masahiro M Yashi, Takashi T Yagisawa, Nobuo N Ishikawa, Akinori A Nukui, Takehito T Fujiwara, Yasunaru Y Sakuma

Indexed on: 20 Jul '07Published on: 20 Jul '07Published in: Journal of endourology / Endourological Society


We assessed the feasibility of retroperitoneoscopic hand-assisted live-donor nephrectomy according to the basic principle of transplantation in kidney selection, namely, leaving the better-functioning kidney in the donor.Thirty consecutive live-donor nephrectomies, including 10 right-sided and 20 left-sided procedures, were evaluated. The surgery was started endoscopically using three ports, followed by hand assistance for dissecting the renal pedicles through the extended inner-port incision. A vascular Endostapler and polymer clips were used to transect the renal vessels.Two right-sided cases required open conversion because of multiple renal vessels and uncontrollable bleeding. The median operative time, warm ischemia time (WIT), blood loss, and renal vein length were 244 minutes (upper and lower quartile 215 and 274 minutes), 186 seconds (134, 239 seconds), 175 mL (45, 305 mL), and 22 mm (19, 26 mm), respectively. The operative time and WIT were longer, and the renal vein was shorter, in the right-sided than in the left-sided procedures (P < 0.05), but no difference was found in the other perioperative data for the two sides. No delayed graft function was observed, and the kidney function 1 month postoperatively was acceptable in all donors and all recipients.Our technical devices, such as the site and timing of hand assistance and control of the renal vessels, seem feasible. Although we could not draw a conclusion about the safety of the right-sided procedure, this alternative procedure should be applicable for laparoscopic donor nephrectomy uninfluenced by the side of the donor kidney provided the surgical team has sufficient expertise.