Retinal Vessel Diameter Changes in COVID-19 Infected Patients.

Research paper by Nazife N Aşıkgarip, Emine E Temel, Lokman L Hızmalı, Kemal K Örnek, Fikriye Milletli FM Sezgin

Indexed on: 27 Jan '21Published on: 27 Jan '21Published in: Ocular immunology and inflammation


: To evaluate the longitudinal changes in retinal vessel diameters in patients with coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). : This study included 25 patients with COVID-19 (Group 1) and 25 healthy subjects (Group 2). The diameters of peripapillary temporal and nasal retinal arteries and veins were measured at baseline and at 4 months after remission. : The baseline diameters of the inferior temporal vein and the artery were increased in group 1 compared to controls ( = .007 and = .041, respectively). There was also an increase in the diameters of the inferior and superior nasal veins and arteries in group 1 at baseline ( = .001, = .019, = .037, and = .008, respectively). Retinal vessel diameters decreased after remission in all quadrants in comparison to baseline measurements (all < .05). : Increased retinal vessel diameters were measured in COVID-19 patients during the disease. Measurement of retinal vessel diameters may be a noninvasive method of estimating the vascular risk.