[Results of laparoscopic surgery for the treatment of diverticular disease of the colon].

Research paper by Francisco F López-Köstner, Alejandro A Zárate, George G Pinedo, María E ME Molina, Udo U Kronberg, Javiera J Pardo

Indexed on: 05 Sep '08Published on: 05 Sep '08Published in: Revista medica de Chile


The laparoscopic approach is an alternative for the elective treatment of diverticular colon disease (DCD).To analyze the results of patients electively operated for DCD using a laparoscopic technique.Data of patients with DCD operated using laparoscopy at the Catholic University of Chile Clinical Hospital were prospectively recorded from January 1999 to August 2006. Indications for surgery were repetitive crises of acute diverticulitis, the persistence of the symptoms or anatomic deformity after the first crisis and complicated diverticulitis (Hinchey 1-2) that responded to the medical treatment. The laparoscopic technique used five ports and the surgical specimen was extracted through a suprapubic approach.One hundred and six patients aged 32 to 82 years (49% females) were operated in the study period. Fifty five percent had a previous abdominal surgery. The mean operative time was 213 minutes (range: 135-360). Four patients were converted to open surgery (3.7%). One or more early post-operative complications were observed in five patients (4.7%). The mean time for passing gases and reinitiate liquid diet was 1.7 and 2.4 days respectively. The median post operative stay after surgery was 4 days. There was no operative mortality. Mean follow-up time was 27 months and only one patient (0.9%) had a new episode of acute diverticular disease, with a satisfactory response to medical treatment. No patient has developed bowel obstruction.The laparoscopic approach is a safe alternative in the elective surgical treatment of DCD.