Resonances of intensities and oscillation frequencies in ring gas lasers. II

Research paper by T. V. Radina, A. F. Stankevich, A. V. Gusev

Indexed on: 04 Sep '09Published on: 04 Sep '09Published in: Optics and Spectroscopy


The nature of ultranarrow resonances of intensities and oscillation frequencies in a single-mode ring gas laser without nonreciprocal components was studied. It is shown that combined action of an intracavity diaphragm and transverse inhomogeneity of the nonlinear active medium creates nonreciprocal losses for counterpropagating waves, which results in the resonance exchange of energy between the waves in the vicinity and within the strong-coupling range. The reasons for the asymmetry of the resonances of intensities and for the difference of oscillation frequencies of counterpropagating waves with respect to the laser transition center are investigated. The results of the present study are in good agreement with experimental data published in the literature.