Resonances f0(1370) and f0(1710) as scalar \bar q-q states from an Nf=3 Sigma Model with Vectors and Axial-Vectors

Research paper by Denis Parganlija

Indexed on: 18 May '11Published on: 18 May '11Published in: High Energy Physics - Phenomenology


Features of the non-strange \bar n-n and strange \bar s-s scalar mesons are investigated in the Extended Linear Sigma Model (eLSM) with Nf=3 and vector and axial-vector mesons. Our model contains a pure non-strange and a pure strange scalar state; implementing the mixing of the two states originates two new states, a predominantly non-strange and a predominantly strange one. We investigate the possibility to assign the two mixed states to experimentally well-established resonances. To this end, we calculate the masses and the two-pion decay widths of the mixed states and compare them with experimental data. The predominantly non-strange state is found to be consistent with the resonance f0(1370) and the predominantly strange state with the resonance f0(1710).