Resistivity scaling and critical dynamics of fully frustrated Josephson-junction arrays with on-site dissipation

Research paper by Enzo Granato, Daniel Dominguez

Indexed on: 08 Feb '05Published on: 08 Feb '05Published in: Physics - Superconductivity


We study the scaling behavior and critical dynamics of the resistive transition in Josephson-junction arrays, at f=1/2 flux quantum per plaquette, by numerical simulation of an on-site dissipation model for the dynamics. The results are compared with recent simulations using the resistively-shunted-junction model. For both models, we find that the resistivity scaling and critical dynamics of the phases are well described by the same critical temperature as for the chiral (vortex-lattice) transition, with a power-law divergent correlation length. The behavior is consistent with the single transition scenario, where phase and chiral variables order at the same temperature, but with different dynamic exponents z for phase coherence and chiral order.