Resistance of magnesite refractories to smelting products of blister copper

Research paper by P. S. Mamykin, V. A. Ragozinnikov, I. L. Shchetnikov, E. I. Kelareva, G. F. Gordon

Indexed on: 01 May '66Published on: 01 May '66Published in: Refractories and Industrial Ceramics


An improved method of assessing the results and testing refractories for slag resistance was described.It was established that the most resistant materials to the action of converter slags are periclase-spinel refractories.Magnesia articles are destroyed at the bond owing to the passage of thin periclase constituent into the fusible magnesia-iron silicates.To reduce the rate of wear and increase the resistance of refractories in these melting conditions for blister copper, it is necessary in the production of magnesia articles to use magnesite and chromite ore with a minimum content of SiO2 and iron oxides.