RESEARCH PAPERStepped and detailed seismic prediction of shallow-thin reservoirs in Chunfeng oilfield of Junggar Basin, NW China

Research paper by NingkaiSHUa, XinwenWANGa, ChaoguangSUb, LiangSONGb, XueminNIUb, QiangLIb

Indexed on: 03 Nov '17Published on: 01 Aug '17Published in: Petroleum Exploration and Development


In view of the problems of low signal-to-noise ratio and low resolution of seismic data in shallow-thin reservoir in Chunfeng Oilfield of Junggar Basin, stepped and detailed data processing and interpretation technologies are proposed for shallow-thin reservoir prediction. The overlapping type offset packet processing technology can increase seismic fold from 8 to 16 times and increase signal to noise ratio by 1.4 times at local low noise ratio area by fine processing including frequency upgrade and de-noise imaging techniques. This study established three-level prediction techniques including pre-stack improving resolution target processing, post-stack wavelet reconstruction frequency extension, pre-stack and post-stack joint inversion, which can increase sand resolution from 12 m to 2 m and improve the identification accuracy of reservoir efficiently. The shallow-thin reservoirs after frequency extension have continuous and defined reflections, which are well coincided with actual exploration. The seismic data have well ability of preserving amplitude, and achieve good application effects.