Research on Optimization of Registration Procedure in Emergency Department Based on System Simulation ☆

Research paper by Yue He, Bochi Cai, Meng Wang

Indexed on: 08 Aug '16Published on: 06 Aug '16Published in: Procedia Computer Science


Currently, there are many management issues in emergency department, such as long time waiting caused by unreasonable procedure, the unbalance utilization of doctors and nurses and so on. This study's aim is to evaluate resource allocation for optimal use of medical workers for adjusted registration procedure in West China Hospital of Sichuan University. The author used data he collected to construct a stimulation model of registration procedure for West China Hospital. Through analyzing the parameters after operating the model, the model's efficiency can be evaluated. Then the author designed new registration procedure based on the deficiencies of the old model and used compute-assisting method to find the optimal allocation of resources. The original emergency department registration process needs 104 hours nurses’ working, and the cost of new process is 96 hours. It is 8 hours working hours less compared to the original process after we optimized the procedure. According to the analysis of waiting time for each stage, both average waiting times in preview triage area and registration office were reduced in new procedure, especially in the peak period during the day (8:00 to 16:00). This thesis makes simulation modeling about the registering system in the Emergency Department of West China Hospital and designs the new registering procedure. In the end, the resource utilization rate and the patients’ waiting time of the new procedure are more satisfying than the primary one.