Research on Automatic Positioning System of Ultrasonic Testing of Wind Turbine Blade Flaws

Research paper by Q X Liu, Z H Wang, S G Long, M Cai, M Cai, X Wang, X Y Chen J L Bu

Indexed on: 22 Dec '17Published on: 09 Nov '17Published in: IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science


Ultrasonic testing technology has been used essentially in non-destructive testing of wind turbine blades. However, it is fact that the ultrasonic flaw detection method has inefficiently employed in recent years. This is because the testing result will illustrate a small deviation due to the artificial, environmental and technical factors. Therefore, it is an urgent technical demand for engineers to test the various flaws efficiently and quickly. An automatic positioning system has been designed in this paper to record the moving coordinates and the target distance in real time. Simultaneously, it could launch and acquire the sonic wave automatically. The ADNS-3080 optoelectronic chip is manufactured by Agilent Technologies Inc, which is also utilized in the system. With the combination of the chip, the power conversion module and the USB transmission module, the collected data can be transmitted from the upper monitor to the hardware that could process and control the data thro...