Representation theorem for obsevables on a quantum logic

Research paper by Andrei Khrenikov, Olga Nánásiová

Indexed on: 07 Feb '03Published on: 07 Feb '03Published in: Quantum Physics


We study a conditional state on a quantum logic using Renyi's approach (or Bayesian principle). This approach helps us to define independence of events and differently from the situation in the classical theory of probability, if an event $a$ is independent of an event $b$, then the event $b$ can be dependent on the event $a$. We will show that we can define a $s$-map (function for simultaneous measurements on a quantum logic). It can be shown that if we have the conditional state we can define the $s$-map and conversely. By using the $s$-map we can introduce joint distribution also for noncompatible observables on a quantum logic.