Repair of gluteus medius muscle avulsion following transgluteal hip replacement.

Research paper by Diederik D Groot, Andre A Van Ooij, Daniel D Haverkamp, Wim W Morrenhof

Indexed on: 24 Jun '11Published on: 24 Jun '11Published in: Hip international : the journal of clinical and experimental research on hip pathology and therapy


During a transgluteal approach to the hip joint the anterior part of the gluteus medius and minimus muscles are detached and subsequently reattached to the greater trochanter. Avulsion or rupture of these muscles may result in weak abduction, pain and/or instability. 15 patients with these symptoms were treated, of whom 13 had muscle avulsion at surgery. Reinsertion of these muscles resulted in improvement of pain in 6 (55%) patients and improvement of walking ability in 9 (82%) patients. Reinsertion of avulsed gluteal muscles after transgluteal approaches to the hip may relieve pain and improve walking ability.