Renormalized theory of the ion cyclotron turbulence in magnetic field--aligned plasma shear flow

Research paper by V. S. Mikhailenko, V. V. Mikhailenko, K. N. Stepanov, N. A. Azarenkov

Indexed on: 02 Oct '08Published on: 02 Oct '08Published in: Physics - Plasma Physics


The analytical treatment of nonlinear evolution of the shear-flow-modified current driven ion cyclotron instability and shear-flow-driven ion cyclotron kinetic instabilities of magnetic field--aligned plasma shear flow is presented. Analysis is performed on the base of the nonlinear dispersion equation, which accounts for a new combined effect of plasma turbulence and shear flow. It consists in turbulent scattering of ions across the shear flow with their convection by shear flow and results in enhanced nonlinear broadening of ion cyclotron resonances. This effect is found to lead to the saturation of ion cyclotron instabilities as well as to the development of nonlinear shear flow driven ion cyclotron instability. 52.35.Ra