Renal calculi complicating short-term furosemide therapy after congenital heart surgery.

Research paper by Sulafa K M SK Ali

Indexed on: 02 Apr '08Published on: 02 Apr '08Published in: Congenital Heart Disease


Renal calcification is a known complication of Furosemide therapy.We describe 3 children who were diagnosed with renal calculi, not nephrocalcinosis, following the use of Furosemide for 4 weeks. All the infants (24, 18, and 8 months) had successful repair/palliation of congenital heart disease. The dose of Furosemide was 1-2 mg/kg/day and the duration between starting treatment and development of hematuria was 4 weeks.In all 3 patients renal ultrasound confirmed the presence of renal calculi with no nephrocalcinosis. On follow-up, hematuria improved after 3-4 months.Renal calculi can complicate short-term Furosemide treatment in children after repair of congenital heart disease. Patients on Furosemide should be closely monitored by urine analysis and/or urine calcium/creatinine ratio for early detection of this complication.