Relatively large Theta13 from modification to the tri-bimaximal, bimaximal and democratic neutrino mixing matrices

Research paper by Wei Chao, Ya-juan Zheng

Indexed on: 08 Feb '13Published on: 08 Feb '13Published in: Journal of High Energy Physics


Inspired by the indication of a relatively large θ13 from accelerator and reactor neutrino oscillation experiments, we provide a systematic study of general modifications to the three well-studied neutrino mixing patterns, i.e., tri-bimaximal, bimaximal and democratic lepton mixing matrices. The correlation between θ13 and the other two neutrino mixing angles are derived for each types of additional rotations. Predictions on θ12 and θ23 are also studied. Our study shows that, although some types of additional rotations are already excluded by the current global fit data of neutrino mixing angles, several types of additional rotations still survive. Our results may provide a guideline for the model building in neutrino physics.