Relative rigid subcategories and $\tau$-tilting theory

Research paper by Yu Liu, Panyue Zhou

Indexed on: 14 Jul '20Published on: 09 Jul '20Published in: arXiv - Mathematics - Representation Theory


Let $\mathcal B$ be an extriangulated category with enough projectives $\mathcal P$ and enough injectives $\mathcal I$, and let $\mathcal R$ be a contravariantly finite rigid subcategory of $\mathcal B$ which contains $\mathcal P$. We have an abelian quotient category $\mathcal H/\mathcal R\subseteq \mathcal B/\mathcal R$ which is equivalent ${\rm mod}(\mathcal R/\mathcal P)$. In this article, we find a one-to-one correspondence between support $\tau$-tilting (resp. $\tau$-rigid) subcategories of $\mathcal H/\mathcal R$ and maximal relative rigid (resp. relative rigid) subcategories of $\mathcal H$, and show that support tilting subcategories in $\mathcal H/\mathcal R$ is a special kind of support $\tau$-tilting subcategories. We also study the relation between tilting subcategories of $\mathcal B/\mathcal R$ and cluster tilting subcategories of $\mathcal B$ when $\mathcal R$ is cluster tilting.