Relationships among perceived justice, customers' satisfaction, and behavioral intentions: the moderating role of gender.

Research paper by V V Martínez-Tur, J J Ramos, J M JM Peiró, E E García-Buades

Indexed on: 18 Aug '01Published on: 18 Aug '01Published in: Psychological reports


This article tested the gender differences in the relationships between perceptions of justice, customers' satisfaction, and behavioral intentions. The sample consisted of 334 subjects (205 men and 129 women) surveyed in 38 hotels located in Spain. A questionnaire was used to measure distributive, procedural, and interactional justice as well as customers' responses of satisfaction and intentions. Analysis showed that the correlation between scores for distributive justice and customers' satisfaction as well as that between distributive justice and intentions were greater for men than for women. In contrast, the sex differences in the links of procedural and interactional justice to satisfaction and intentions were not significant.