Relationship Between Standardized Glycemic Protocols and Healthcare Cost.

Research paper by Jeffrey A JA Coto, Karen S KS Yehle, Karen J KJ Foli

Indexed on: 19 Jun '14Published on: 19 Jun '14Published in: Clinical nursing research


Rising healthcare costs and the management of diabetes are financially straining to healthcare organizations. The study purpose was to examine whether a direct relationship existed between the cost of hospitalization, length of stay, excess admission days, and discharge blood glucose (DC-BG) levels and utilizing a standardized glycemic protocol. A retrospective cohort analysis was conducted of adult diabetes mellitus type 2 (DM-2) patients' pre-diabetic protocol (January 1, 2011-December 31, 2011) and post-diabetic protocol (August 1, 2012-October 31, 2012). The sample included DM-2 inpatients aged ≥ 18 years admitted without complications and/or with abnormal fasting blood glucose. Pre-protocol sample comprised n = 346 subjects and post-protocol sample comprised n = 149 subjects. Patients who received the diabetic protocol in 2012 experienced a decrease in the DC-BG (p < .05) and decrease in excess admission days (p < .05). Evidence supports that utilizing a standardized glycemic protocol improves glycemic control and reduces healthcare cost.

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