Relationship between hyperdeformation, fission resonances and clustering in 233Th

Research paper by N. Nenoff, H. Beer, P. Bringel, S. Chmel, M. Csatlós, S. Dababneh, M. Heil, H. Hübel, F. Käppeler, A. Krasznahorkay, E. Mergel, R. Plag, R. Reifarth

Indexed on: 01 Jun '03Published on: 01 Jun '03Published in: Acta Physica Hungarica Series A, Heavy Ion Physics


The mass distribution of nuclides produced in the reaction 232Th(n,f) with neutron energies below and within the resonance region was investigated using the activation method. The results confirm the theoretical predictions of the existence of hyperdeformed octupole shapes in 233Th.