Relationship between allelic variation of Glu-1 and Gli-1/Glu-3 prolamin loci and gluten strength in hexaploid wheat

Research paper by M. Rodriguez-Ouijano, J. M. Carrillo

Indexed on: 01 Jan '96Published on: 01 Jan '96Published in: Euphytica


Allelic variation of prolamin loci was examined in the F2 from crosses between the hexaploid wheat varieties: ‘Cajeme 71’, ‘Yécora 70’, ‘Ablaca’, ‘Anza’, ‘Pané 247’ and ‘Axona’. Different allelic blocks for gliadins and LMW glutenin subunits were determined in Gli-1, Gli-2 and Glu-3 loci. A percentage of recombination of 1.5 ± 0.3 was determined between Gli-A1 and Glu-3 in the F2 progeny of ‘Yécora 70’ x ‘Axona’. A significant positive association was found between gluten strength, measured by SDS-sedimentation volume, and the prolamins coded by ‘Anza’ Gli-D1/Glu-D3 loci and ‘Yécora 70’ Gli-A1/Glu-A3 loci. Interactions between non homeologous loci Glu-1 and Gli-1/Glu-3 were also found.