Relationship between actigraphically estimated sleep patterns in Japanese school children with special reference to morningess — eveningness preference

Research paper by Alexandru Gaina, Michikazu Sekine, Shimako Hamanishi, Xiao Chen, Sadanobu Kagamimori

Indexed on: 28 Jul '16Published on: 28 Jul '16Published in: Sleep and Biological Rhythms


Actigraphy and morningness-eveningness (M-E) questionnaire assessed the sleep-wake patterns during a 1-week period in 91 junior high school children. Of the group 20% were evening type, 66% intermediate, and 14% morning type. The general morningness-eveningness score was 16.2 ± 3.6 (mean ± SD) for boys and 16.8 ± 3.0 for girls. The gender difference was insignificant. A significant difference was found between M and E type for sleep parameters during schooldays. Morning type children showed better sleep indicators vs their evening type counterparts, especially during schooldays, and less strongly during weekends.