Relational Entropic Dynamics of Particles

Research paper by Selman Ipek, Ariel Caticha

Indexed on: 08 Jan '16Published on: 08 Jan '16Published in: Quantum Physics


The general framework of entropic dynamics is used to formulate a relational quantum dynamics. The main new idea is to use tools of information geometry to develop an entropic measure of the mismatch between successive configurations of a system. This leads to an entropic version of the classical best matching technique developed by J. Barbour and collaborators. The procedure is illustrated in the simple case of a system of N particles with global translational symmetry. The generalization to other symmetries whether global (rotational invariance) or local (gauge invariance) is straightforward. The entropic best matching allows a quantum implementation Mach's principles of spatial and temporal relationalism and provides the foundation for a method of handling gauge theories in an informational framework.