Regulating the construction and demolition of the synaptonemal complex

Research paper by Cori K Cahoon, R Scott Hawley

Indexed on: 05 May '16Published on: 04 May '16Published in: Nature Structural and Molecular Biology


The synaptonemal complex (SC) is a meiosis-specific scaffold that links homologous chromosomes from end to end during meiotic prophase and is required for the formation of meiotic crossovers. Assembly of SC components is regulated by a combination of associated nonstructural proteins and post-translational modifications, such as SUMOylation, which together coordinate the timing between homologous chromosome pairing, double-strand-break formation and recombination. In addition, transcriptional and translational control mechanisms ensure the timely disassembly of the SC after crossover resolution and before chromosome segregation at anaphase I.

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