Regenerative Medicine: Injectable Cell-Based Therapeutics and Approved Products.

Research paper by Ali A Golchin, Forough F Shams, Parisa P Kangari, Arezoo A Azari, Simzar S Hosseinzadeh

Indexed on: 09 Jun '20Published on: 16 Jul '19Published in: Advances in experimental medicine and biology


Cellular-based therapies have drawn a great deal of attention thanks to their regenerative medicine approaches to treat incurable diseases and specific injuries. In this regard, injectable cell delivery systems could actualize the therapeutically beneficial outcomes of cell-based therapeutic products. These systems have found considerable clinical uses. Hence, the recent studies have focused on developing injectable bio-constructs to protect transplanted cells during delivery and stimulating endogenous regeneration through interactions of these cells and host tissue. This paper introduces a framework, as a general concept, to improve cell delivery systems for cell-based therapeutic products. Studies on stable injectable carriers can enhance cell homing, proliferation, viability, dressing of irregular shape of target sites, and subsequently support transplanted cell functionality. However, more studies should be conducted on new technologies for the injectable cell-based product for cell delivery and the clinical applications.