Reflection profiling in the deep ocean using a near bottom hydrophone

Research paper by G. M. Purdy, L. A. Gove

Indexed on: 01 Sep '82Published on: 01 Sep '82Published in: Marine Geophysical Research


A 20 km long high resolution seismic reflection profile was carried out approximately 300 km southwest of Bermuda. The data were collected using a small airgun sound source and a single hydrophone receiver towed ∼100 m above the seafloor at a depth of ∼5400 m. Comparisons with nearby conventional seismic reflection profiles show the considerable improvement of resolving power provided by this method, particularly of the basement morphology beneath the 700 m thick sediment column. The data were recorded digitally and selected data examples show the enhancement provided by filtering, stacking, source deconvolution and corrections for hydrophone motion. The precise picture of basement topography that results from this data is compared with deep tow bathymetry profiles of the present day mid-Atlantic Ridge flanks, and is seen to be remarkably similar.