Reducing infections associated with central venous catheters.

Research paper by Norman A S NA Rickard

Indexed on: 10 Apr '03Published on: 10 Apr '03Published in: British journal of nursing (Mark Allen Publishing)


The cost of infections in central venous catheters (CVCs) is high both to the NHS and to the patients and their carers. This article discusses reduction of infection in patients with CVCs. Adding to the debate on how to do this, three interlinked factors are discussed: (1) the virulence of the invading micro-organisms, (2) the environment for microbial growth, and (3) the host defence mechanisms. The article encourages healthcare workers to use interprofessional groups to write, update frequently, and discuss protocols designed to reduce infections. The discussion and updating of the protocols, based on local experience, monitoring actions and infection rates within the interprofessional group, will assist in the reduction of infection.