Recovery of Moraxella ovis from the bovine respiratory tract and differentiation of Moraxella species by tDNA-intergenic spacer PCR.

Research paper by Boudewijn B Catry, Filip F Boyen, Margo M Baele, Jeroen J Dewulf, Aart A de Kruif, Mario M Vaneechoutte, Freddy F Haesebrouck, Annemie A Decostere

Indexed on: 05 Dec '06Published on: 05 Dec '06Published in: Veterinary Microbiology


The purpose of the present study was to identify Moraxella (M.)--like organisms recovered from calves suffering from respiratory disease down to species level by means of tDNA-intergenic spacer length polymorphism analysis (tDNA-PCR), and to perform antimicrobial susceptibility testing of these isolates using an agar dilution technique. A total of 16 isolates originating from 12 unrelated occasions were identified as Moraxella ovis, and tDNA fingerprinting showed clear delineation from other Moraxella species. The minimal inhibitory concentrations (in microg/mL) for 90% of the investigated isolates were < or =0.03 for ampicillin; 0.25 for ceftiofur; 0.5 for oxytetracycline; 8 for gentamicin; 64 for spectinomycin; 0.5/9.5 for the combination trimethoprim-sulfonamides; 4 for erythromycin; 8 for tilmicosin; 1 for florfenicol and 0.125 for enrofloxacin.