Reconstruction of Traumatic External Iliac Artery Dissection Due to Vascular Clamping.

Research paper by Mahir M Kırnap, Ümit Ü Özçelik, Aydıncan A Akdur, Ebru H EH Ayvazoğlu Soy, İclal İ Işıklar, Feza F Yarbuğ Karakayalı, Gökhan G Moray, Mehmet M Haberal

Indexed on: 08 Nov '17Published on: 08 Nov '17Published in: Experimental and clinical transplantation : official journal of the Middle East Society for Organ Transplantation


Traumatic external iliac artery dissection after renal transplant is a rare complication, but it should be urgently managed due to its devastating effects on graft and lower limb circulation. External iliac artery dissection is seen more in recipients with diabetes mellitus and comorbid disease. Recipients with external iliac artery dissection should be treated immediately by percutaneus angioplasty or surgical reconstruction. In this study, we reported the management of 2 kidney transplant cases with external iliac artery dissection due to vascular clamping of the artery. External iliac artery dissection was diagnosed by ultrasonography in both cases. After failed percutaneous interventional angioplasty, we reconstructed the external iliac artery dissection surgically and replaced the external iliac artery with polytetra-fluoroethylene grafts in both patients. Both patients were discharged with normal functioning grafts showing 0.9 and 0.8 mg/dL serum creatinine levels at month 3 posttransplant. Close monitoring of recipients after transplant is mandatory for early diagnosis and early management of external iliac artery dissection to prevent graft loss and preserve lower limb circulation. Routine Doppler ultrasonography is an inexpensive and useful tool for early diagnosis in cases of sudden cessation or decrease in urine. In cases of failed percutaneous interventional angioplasty, reconstruction with synthetic vascular grafts can be safely applied in external iliac artery dissection.