Reconstructing f(R) Gravity from a Chaplygin Scalar Field in de Sitter Spacetimes

Research paper by Heba Sami, Neo Namane, Joseph Ntahompagaze, Maye Elmardi, Amare Abebe

Indexed on: 23 Jun '17Published on: 23 Jun '17Published in: arXiv - General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology


We present a reconstruction technique for models of $f(R)$ gravity from the Chaplygin scalar field in flat de Sitter spacetimes. Exploiting the equivalence between $f(R)$ gravity and scalar-tensor theories, and treating the Chaplygin gas as a scalar field model in a universe without conventional matter forms, the Lagrangian densities for the $f(R)$ action are derived. Exact $f(R)$ models and corresponding scalar field potentials are obtained for asymptotically de Sitter spacetimes in early and late cosmological expansion histories. It is shown that the reconstructed $f(R)$ models all have General Relativity as a limiting solution.