Recombinant bacterial vaccines.

Research paper by Meera M Unnikrishnan, Rino R Rappuoli, Davide D Serruto

Indexed on: 01 May '12Published on: 01 May '12Published in: Current Opinion in Immunology


Vaccines are currently available for many infectious diseases caused by several microbes and the prevention of disease and death by vaccination has profoundly improved public health globally. However, vaccines are not yet licensed for use against many other infectious diseases and new or improved vaccines are needed to replace suboptimal vaccines, and against newly emerging pathogens. Most of the vaccines currently licensed for human use include live attenuated and inactivated or killed microorganisms. Only a small subset is based on purified components and even fewer are recombinantly produced. Novel approaches in recombinant DNA technology, genomics and structural biology have revolutionized the way vaccine candidates are developed and will make a significant impact in the generation of safer and more effective vaccines.