Recognition of superpotent sweetener ligands by a library of monoclonal antibodies.

Research paper by J M JM Anchin, S S Nagarajan, J J Carter, M S MS Kellogg, G E GE DuBois, D S DS Linthicum

Indexed on: 20 May '98Published on: 20 May '98Published in: Journal of Molecular Recognition


Monoclonal antibodies (mAb) made to the superpotent guanidino sweet tasting ligand, N-(p-cyanophenyl)-N'-(diphenylmethyl)-guanidineacetic acid were examined for their molecular recognition specificities using 14 different sweetener analogues in a competitive radioimmunoassay. The effects of variations in pH on ligand binding was also examined by radioimmunoassay. Photoaffinity labelling of the binding site was accomplished using a radiolabelled azido-derivative of the parent ligand, and L-chain or H-chain labelling was easily identified in several different mAb. For two of the mAb examined in this study (NC6.8 and NC10.14), the analogue binding studies are in agreement with the known Fab-ligand crystal structures. Monoclonal antibodies to this family of sweet tasting compounds may be useful probes for the study of sweet taste chemistry and identification of novel sweet taste ligands from combinatorial chemical libraries.