Recent developments in the chemistry of metal oxopolyazides.

Research paper by Ralf R Haiges

Indexed on: 20 Dec '18Published on: 20 Dec '18Published in: Dalton Transactions


The recent acomplished syntheses of novel metal oxopolyazides VO(N3)3, NbO(N3)3, NbO(N3)3·2CH3CN, MoO(N3)3, MoO(N3)3·2CH3CN, WO(N3)4, WO(N3)4·CH3CN, MoO2(N3)2, MoO2(N3)2·2CH3CN, WO2(N3)2, WO2(N3)2·2CH3CN and UO2(N3)2·CH3CN by the author is reviewed. The conversion of the compounds into 2,2'-bipyridine donor adducts and oxaazido metallates is discribed. The properties and X-ray crystal structures of the metal oxopolyazides are compared and discussed.