Recent development in liquid phase microextraction for determination of trace level concentration of metals--a review.

Research paper by Shayessteh S Dadfarnia, Ali Mohammad AM Haji Shabani

Indexed on: 28 Jan '10Published on: 28 Jan '10Published in: Analytica Chimica Acta


As the drive towards green extraction methods has gained momentum in recent years, it has not always been possible to eliminate organic solvents completely. However, the volumes employed have been reduced remarkably, so that a single microdrop is sufficient in some cases. This effort has led to the development of various liquid phase microextractions namely single drop microextraction (SDME), hollow fiber liquid phase microextraction (HF-LPME), dispersive liquid-liquid microextraction (DLLME) and solidified floating organic drop microextraction (SFODME). In this review, the historical development and overview of these miniaturized liquid phase extraction methodologies have briefly been discussed and a comprehensive collection of application of the these methods in combination with different analytical techniques for preconcentration and determination of ultra trace amounts of metals and organometal ions in various matrices have been summarized.