Recent Advances of Plasmonic Gold Nanoparticles in Optical Sensing and Therapy.

Research paper by He H Zhou, Hongwei H Yang, Guangke G Wang, Aijun A Gao, Zhiqin Z Yuan

Indexed on: 12 Oct '21Published on: 20 Dec '19Published in: Current pharmaceutical design


Gold nanoparticles with special surface plasmon resonance have been widely used in sensing and therapy because of their easy preparation, unique optical properties, and excellent biocompatibility, etc. In this review, the applications of gold nanoparticles in chemo/biosensing, imaging, and therapy are summarized since 2016. Regarding the gold nanoparticle-based sensing or imaging, sensing mechanisms and strategies are provided to illustrate the concepts for designing sensitive and selective detection platforms. Gold nanoparticle-mediated therapy is introduced by SPR-based therapy and delivery-based therapy. Beyond sole therapeutic system, platforms through synergistic therapy are also discussed. In the end, discussion of the challenges and future trends of gold nanoparticle-based sensing and therapy systems is exhibited. Copyright© Bentham Science Publishers; For any queries, please email at epub@benthamscience.net.