Recalibration of the Klales et al. (2012) method of sexing the human innominate for Mexican populations

Research paper by Jorge A. Gómez‐Valdés, Antinea Menéndez Garmendia, Lizbeth García‐Barzola, Gabriela Sánchez‐Mejorada, Carlos Karam, José Pablo Baraybar, Alexandra Klales

Indexed on: 25 Jan '17Published on: 24 Jan '17Published in: American Journal of Physical Anthropology


The aim of this study was to test the accuracy of the Klales et al. (2012) equation for sex estimation in contemporary Mexican population.Our investigation was carried out on a sample of 203 left innominates of identified adult skeletons from the UNAM-Collection and the Santa María Xigui Cemetery, in Central Mexico. The Klales' original equation produces a sex bias in sex estimation against males (86–92% accuracy versus 100% accuracy in females). Based on these results, the Klales et al. (2012) method was recalibrated for a new cutt-of-point for sex estimation in contemporary Mexican populations.The results show cross-validated classification accuracy rates as high as 100% after recalibrating the original logistic regression equation. Recalibration improved classification accuracy and eliminated sex bias. This new formula will improve sex estimation for Mexican contemporary populations.