Realizing 4-manifolds as achiral Lefschetz fibrations

Research paper by John B. Etnyre, Terry Fuller

Indexed on: 22 Jan '06Published on: 22 Jan '06Published in: Mathematics - Geometric Topology


We show that any 4-manifold, after surgery on a curve, admits an achiral Lefschetz fibration. In particular, we show that the connected sum of any simply connected 4-manifold with a 2-sphere bundle over the 2-sphere will admit an achiral Lefschetz fibration. We also show these surgered manifolds admit near-symplectic structures and prove more generally that achiral Lefschetz fibrations with sections have near-symplectic structures. As a corollary to our proof we obtain an alternate proof of Gompf's result on the existence of symplectic structures on Lefschetz pencils.