Real time statistical field theory

Research paper by M. E. Carrington, T. Fugleberg, D. S. Irvine, D. Pickering

Indexed on: 28 Aug '06Published on: 28 Aug '06Published in: High Energy Physics - Phenomenology


We have written a {\it Mathematica} program that calculates the integrand corresponding to any amplitude in the closed-time-path formulation of real time statistical field theory. The program is designed so that it can be used by someone with no previous experience with {\it Mathematica}. It performs the contractions over the tensor indices that appear in real time statistical field theory and gives the result in the 1-2, Keldysh or RA basis. We have used the program to calculate the ward identity for the QED 3-point function, the QED 4-point function for two photons and two fermions, and the QED 5-point function for three photons and two fermions. In real time statistical field theory, there are seven 3-point functions, 15 4-point functions and 31 5-point functions. We produce a table that gives the results for all of these functions. In addition, we give a simple general expression for the KMS conditions between $n$-point green functions and vertex functions, in both the Keldysh and RA bases