Real-time programmable mode-locked fiber laser with a human-like algorithm

Research paper by Guoqing Pu, Lilin Yi, Li Zhang, Weisheng Hu

Indexed on: 30 Nov '18Published on: 30 Nov '18Published in: arXiv - Physics - Instrumentation and Detectors


Nonlinear polarized evolution-based passively mode-locked fiber lasers with ultrafast and high peak power pulses are a powerful tool for engineering applications and research. However, their sensitivity to polarization limits their widespread application. To address this, automatic mode-locking immune to environmental disturbances is attracting more concerns. An experimental demonstration of the first real-time programmable mode-locked fiber laser is presented, which is enabled by our proposed human-like algorithm. It combines human logic with a machine's speed, computing capability, and precision. The laser automatically locks onto multiple operation regimes such as fundamental mode-locking, harmonic mode-locking, Q-switching, and even Q-switched mode-locking without physically altering its structure. The average initial mode-locking times (with randomly-assigned original polarization states and recover time from detachment under 10 successive experiments) are only 3.1 s and 58.9 ms. We believe this intelligent laser's superior performance can find practical applications in engineering and scientific research.