Real Separated Algebraic Curves, Quadrature Domains, Ahlfors Type Functions and Operator Theory

Research paper by Dmitry V. Yakubovich

Indexed on: 21 Oct '05Published on: 21 Oct '05Published in: Mathematics - Spectral Theory


The aim of this paper is to inter-relate several algebraic and analytic objects, such as real-type algebraic curves, quadrature domains, functions on them and rational matrix functions with special properties, and some objects from Operator Theory, such as vector Toeplitz operators and subnormal operators. Our tools come from operator theory, but some of our results have purely algebraic formulation. We make use of Xia's theory of subnormal operators and of the previous results by the author in this direction. We also correct (in Section 5) some inaccuracies in two papers by the author in Revista Matematica Iberoamericana (1998).