Reading entanglement in terms of spin configurations in quantum magnets

Research paper by Andrea Fubini, Tommaso Roscilde, Valerio Tognetti, Matteo Tusa, Paola Verrucchi

Indexed on: 23 Jan '06Published on: 23 Jan '06Published in: Physics - Statistical Mechanics


We consider a quantum many-body system made of $N$ interacting $S{=}1/2$ spins on a lattice, and develop a formalism which allows to extract, out of conventional magnetic observables, the quantum probabilities for any selected spin pair to be in maximally entangled or factorized two-spin states. This result is used in order to capture the meaning of entanglement properties in terms of magnetic behavior. In particular, we consider the concurrence between two spins and show how its expression extracts information on the presence of bipartite entanglement out of the probability distributions relative to specific sets of two-spin quantum states. We apply the above findings to the antiferromagnetic Heisenberg model in a uniform magnetic field, both on a chain and on a two-leg ladder. Using Quantum Monte Carlo simulations, we obtain the above probability distributions and the associated entanglement, discussing their evolution under application of the field.