Reactivity of 3,5-bis-(4-amino-1,2,5-oxadiazol-3-yl)-1,2,4-triazole

Research paper by A. V. Sergievskii, T. V. Romanova, S. F. Mel’nikova, I. V. Tselinskii

Indexed on: 01 Feb '05Published on: 01 Feb '05Published in: Russian Journal of Organic Chemistry


Alkylation of 3,5-bis(4-amino-1,2,5-oxadiazol-3-yl)-1,2,4-triazole with haloalkanes afforded N-CH2R derivatives, and nitration furnished the corresponding bis-N-nitramine isolated as a trisodium salt. Treatment of the latter with CH3I resulted in denitration. Diazotization and oxidation of 3,5-bis(4-amino-1,2,5-oxadiazol-3-yl)-1,2,4- triazole, its N-methyl and N-carboxy derivatives gave rise to the corresponding azido and nitro derivatives. Salts of 3,5-bis(4-amino-1,2,5-oxadiazol-3-yl)-1,2,4-triazol-5-acetic acid with nitrogen-containing bases were synthesized. It was established that the character of reaction products of 3,5-bis(4-amino-1,2,5-oxadiazol-3-yl)-1,2,4-triazole with formaldehyde depended on the acid-base properties of the medium.