Rationally cubic connected manifolds II

Research paper by Gianluca Occhetta, Valentina Paterno

Indexed on: 20 Sep '10Published on: 20 Sep '10Published in: Mathematics - Algebraic Geometry


We study smooth complex projective polarized varieties $(X,H)$ of dimension $ n \ge 2$ which admit a dominating family $V$ of rational curves of $H$-degree $3$, such that two general points of $X$ may be joined by a curve parametrized by $V$ and which do not admit a covering family of lines (i.e. rational curves of $H$-degree one). We prove that such manifolds are obtained from RCC manifolds of Picard number one by blow-ups along smooth centers. If we further assume that $X$ is a Fano manifold, we obtain a stronger result, classifying all Fano RCC manifolds of Picard number $\rho_X \ge 3$