Rapid in vitro ectomycorrhizal infection onPinus densiflora roots byTricholoma matsutake

Research paper by Alexis Guerin-Laguette, Lu-Min Vaario, Warwick M. Gill, Frédéric Lapeyrie, Norihisa Matsushita, Kazuo Suzuki

Indexed on: 17 Jul '13Published on: 17 Jul '13Published in: Mycoscience


The root systems of 11-wk-oldPinus densiflora seedlings were inoculated with a hyphal suspension ofTricholoma matsutake and aseptically incubated for 4 wk in a forest soil without supplying exogenous carbohydrates. One week following inoculation, fungal hyphae had colonized the root surface and bound soil particles together establishing a root-substrate continuum. Fungal hyphae were visible within the main root cortex following clearing bleaching and staining. In the ensuing days, fungal colonization was observed within elongating lateral roots in which Hartig net formation was confirmed 4 wk after inoculation. This is the first report of rapid ectomycorrhizal infection ofP. densiflora seedings byT. matsutake.