Randomized benchmarking of single-qubit gates in a 2D array of neutral-atom qubits.

Research paper by T T Xia, M M Lichtman, K K Maller, A W AW Carr, M J MJ Piotrowicz, L L Isenhower, M M Saffman

Indexed on: 31 Mar '15Published on: 31 Mar '15Published in: Physical review letters


We characterize single-qubit Clifford gate operations with randomized benchmarking in a 2D array of neutral-atom qubits and demonstrate global and site selected gates with high fidelity. An average fidelity of F2=0.9983(14) is measured for global microwave-driven gates applied to a 49-qubit array. Single-site gates are implemented with a focused laser beam to Stark shift the microwaves into resonance at a selected site. At Stark selected single sites we observe F2=0.9923(7) and an average spin-flip crosstalk error at other sites of 0.002(9).