Random Walk and Broad Distributions on Fractal Curves

Research paper by Seema Satin, A. D. Gangal

Indexed on: 27 Mar '11Published on: 27 Mar '11Published in: Mathematical Physics


In this paper we analyse random walk on a fractal structure, specifi- cally fractal curves, using the recently develped calculus for fractal curves. We consider only unbiased random walk on the fractal stucture and find out the corresponding probability distribution which is gaussian like in nature, but shows deviation from the standard behaviour. Moments are calculated in terms of Euclidean distance for a von Koch curve. We also analyse Levy distribution on the same fractal structure, where the dimen- sion of the fractal curve shows significant contribution to the distrubution law by modyfying the nature of moments. The appendix gives a short note on Fourier transform on fractal curves.