Radio Studies of Young Core Collapse Supernovae

Research paper by Poonam Chandra, Alak Ray, Sanjay Bhatnagar

Indexed on: 16 May '02Published on: 16 May '02Published in: Astrophysics


Multi-frequency observations of two radio bright SNe (SN1993J, SN1979C) carried out over a year with GMRT are presented. Their radio light curves trace the evolution of the mass loss in the stellar wind before the pre-supernova star exploded. Their spectra at low frequencies distinguish between the synchrotron self-absorption and free-free absorption based models. Two very similar type IIp SN1999gi and SN1999em were also observed and we comment on their progenitor mass. These observations of different subclasses of core-collapse supernovae will aid in defining their progenitors.