Radiation linewidth of a long Josephson junction in the flux-flow regime

Research paper by A. A. Golubov, B. A. Malomed, A. V. Ustinov

Indexed on: 01 Feb '96Published on: 01 Feb '96Published in: Czechoslovak Journal of Physics


Theoretical model for the radiation linewidth in a multi-fluxon state of a long Josephson junction is presented. Starting from the perturbed sine-Gordon model with the temperature dependent noise term, we use a collective coordinate approach in order to calculate the finite radiation linewidth due to the internal degrees of freedom in the moving fluxon chain. At low fluxon density, the radiation linewidth is expected to be substantially larger than that of a lumped Josephson oscillator. With increasing the fluxon density, a crossover to a much smaller linewidth approaching the lumped oscillator limit is predicted.